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Welcome to Fatigue Management International Limited, specialist workplace fatigue consultants to the Mining, Oil & Gas and Transportation industries. We have the practical knowledge, unique skills and tools to develop, implement and project manage fatigue programmes specifically designed for your business operation. Your safety is Our priority.

To achieve the competitive edge in the global economy, organisations are increasingly moving to 24/7 operations. Promising increased production, reduced start-up/shut-down costs & capital investment, 24/7 operations offer significant cost efficiencies. Yet, increased fatigue-based errors, accidents, sickness and staff turnover can be outcomes of 24/7 operations absent of protocols to manage shift work maladaptation.

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ASTiD System Fatigue Management International

ASTiDâ„¢ comprises two linked systems designed to advise and monitor a driver about their fatigue whilst driving. ASTiDâ„¢ is a predictive, non-intrusive early warning system and can be fully integrated into your current OBC systems.

Help Centre Fatigue Management International

FMI offers a suite of efficacy measures, consulting, research assessments and training services tailored directly to the needs and characteristics of your organisation to capture the current state of safety and wellbeing across your business.

Creative Solutions Fatigue Management International

Through our association with world class research centres, industry thought leaders and forum groups we specialise in creating bespoke training & research programmes as well as technology development and integration projects.

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